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Geochemistry / Geomicrobiology

Near-field evolution, geochemical databases for performance assessment, modelling.

Geochemistry Geochemistry


Geochemistry is a key factor influencing the release and transport of radionuclides from disposal facilities which, in many cases, is further complicated by perturbations caused by microbial activity, reaction front development, gas production and transport, colloids,…

Expertise includes characterisation, model development and model/database testing in laboratory, in-situ and analogue studies.



The team have worked extensive on geochemical aspects of waste management, with special emphasis on integrated assessment of the evolution of engineered barriers in repositories for different kinds of waste. In seminal work (in the early ‘80s), microbiology was integrated into the geochemical assessment, based on fundamental constraints set by nutrient and energy availability. This has been examined further in laboratory, field and natural analogue studies and recently developed with a focus on the particularly complex “TRU waste” arising in the Japanese programme.


Relevant publications include:

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